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You can be the most singularly intelligent executive in your field, but unless you are an independent consultant, you will always be limited or unlimited based on the quality of the human team you are able to build and surround yourself with. Because of this truism, we have chosen this area to provide you with information that will help you develop the most effective paradigm for the undertaking of this great task. 

The following section is the most important part of this web site. At the same time, it tells you the very least about The Rottman Group, directly that is. These resources have been authored and assembled primarily to educate, not to "sell". They focus on a core belief of ours: 


If people understand their human system better and how strategic recruitment is a foundational part of its success, they will make more intelligent decisions in their approach to recruitment and thus be more successful.


(It is secondary that we believe if you invest your time in exploring recruitment resources and options and truly listen, that The Rottman Group will be a natural selection.)


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