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As a candidate for a search, we recognize and respect the personal investments of your time, energy, dreams, etc. that you make in this process. The emotions of this process are multiple and can include anticipation, excitement, anxiety, and possibly disappointment. Because of this, we are committed to always communicate with you in an open and honest manner that will let you know where you stand relative to the search and the dynamics that are at work in the process.

Communication is always a difficult thing to balance. It is the one of the greatest criticisms of executive search firms, "They didn't communicate with me." We will make every attempt to do so by: recognizing the receipt of all resumes for active searches, open communication with active candidates as information is available, and notification of a search's completion to all candidates interviewed for the position. We continually strive to improve this process and would welcome feedback that would help make us more "user friendly" from your perspective. The "I Care" of The Rottman Group should be something you experience from every interaction you have with our firm. Please contact Don Rottman if you ever experience anything to the contrary.

For those who are not part of an active search: we will add your resume to our database and will contact you when there is a match between your background and a search we are conducting. Given the number of unsolicited resumes we receive, please understand the impracticality of personally communicating with each person whose resume we receive. Be confident though that it is filed in an active database.

Confidentiality: In the executive search business, confidentiality is of paramount importance. Know that your confidentiality will never be in question when working with The Rottman Group. You control the flow of information. You should know that this relationship with The Rottman Group is as confidential as would be with your physician, attorney, or accountant.

If you would like to be considered for one of these or future opportunities, see the Contact Us screen. Please put the title of the search in the subject box or your current job title.

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