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Since our inception, The Rottman Group, Inc.
has been focused on building a strategic, quality search practice.

The Rottman Group was founded in 1993 by Don Rottman. Don received his B.A. in Human Resources from Harding University.  


From its inception, the foundation of the Rottman Group has been the provision of retained executive recruitment consulting within the healthcare services industry. While the primary function of The Rottman Group operationally remains true to its roots, we recognize that recruitment is only the beginning of the People Flow Continuum of an organization.

It is only by addressing the whole continuum in a  strategic manner, (evaluating and considering how people and  organizations affect one another, and how to best work in congruence with each other), that true organizational effectiveness can be achieved.  It would be a dilution on quality to think that any one firm could expertly devote itself to all areas of the continuum.


The Rottman Group understands strategic leadership recruitment.  It is the foundation of The People Flow Continuum.  By Starting with solid, strategic recruitment and A-player leaders, only then do the other components have the opportunity to be maximized.  

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Don Rottman
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Alex Rottman
Vice President
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