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Who really is The Rottman Group and what are we all about?



The mission of The Rottman Group: To be the most effective recruitment resource in the health care services industry. We do this by developing, for each individual client and each individual need, a program that is an optimal function of quality, time, and cost.




Everything we do is centered around the successful fulfillment of this mission. The wording, "most effective", is specifically chosen. This is not just filling a position or the accomplishment of a task, but rather: the optimal utilization of resources to create a desired result that is a function of quality, time, and cost. We believe we address each of these facets from a client's perspective before we define the service we provide.  


Goals and Values:


It is our goal, after having the experience of working with The Rottman Group, your expectations will have risen to a level that no one else is able to meet. We understand the support, service, and most of all proactive quality results  required to meet this goal.


Simple Listening: It is a concept that  very basic, but  often neglected. It is because of this listening that, from our inception, we have continually enhanced what we do and how we do it. This is not our inability to be concrete, but rather the entrepreneurial spirit of continual reinvention that is the foundation of The Rottman Group.


Understanding: We seek to understand you first. We know that each organization is multifaceted and unique with its own identity, culture, values, and operation. Therefore, we do not have a set format for our relationship prior to listening to your needs, issues, and goals. Often we are able to help organizations define these things and evaluate what, if any, external resources (people, expertise, or information) may be utilized in order to maximize each client's success.



Translated, You're Only As Good As Your Last Search. It's often what matters to you most. A 20+ year history of success is inconsequential if the value isn't there today. You should evaluate how good we, or anyone else, is today, in the present. Our successes of five years ago don't do much for you today: we don't rest on past success. We are focused on being the best we can be today and how we will be better tomorrow.


Relationship Builders: Relationships have a very high value. When all that is material in life can be taken away, no one can take away relationships. Therefore, relationships of all types should be priorities. With the realization of this, we place an extremely high emphasis on building and maintaining quality relationships. In order for relationships to be long-term, they must provide for win-win experiences. We have an abundance mentality. In essence, someone doesn't have to lose for the other to win. It is only through both of us winning that either of us can continue in the relationship long-term. Therefore, we begin by designing our relationship so it has the most successful chance of resulting in a win-win experience. We even develop safeguards to assure that many roadblocks that could arise are addressed ahead of time.


Committed to our own Internal Quality: As your success depends on people, so does ours. Our standards are extremely high. Our commitment, within The Rottman Group, is to only hire, develop, and keep stars. You can be confident that each engagement is handled by a superior team of individuals that have demonstrated successes and are of one congruent mind- set.


Flexible: Because of our belief in adapting ourselves to meet your needs, we offer flexibility in designing compensation programs and measures of accountability for proactive, quality results. We have several models clients have preferred that are very progressive, but are open to customizing new ones to meet client's needs.


Common Sense people: Sometimes not so common, we believe that life is relatively simple. There are not many issues that don't have pragmatic solutions. This is predicated on the assumption that open communication is the foundation of our relationships.


Operating in every way with Integrity: Integrity is a constant. It is beyond just ethics, it's our value system. Professionally, we function within the recruitment industry. You will find that our values, ethics, and integrity are set at the very highest standard and transcend a pure profit motivation. This is not only who we are, but what will consistently make us most successful long-term.


Committed to Service: We exist by serving others. If we were the type of organization that wanted our existence to have boundaries and limitations, our service would have limitations and boundaries. We are striving toward paramount accomplishment and excellence. The only limitations our service has is that which we are qualified and/or able to do. Therefore, we are dependable. We do not operate under the "fake it 'till you make it" philosophy. If there is something we are unable to do, we will tell you and help assist you in finding those resources. 




For this relationship to achieve its maximum success, it will require you be willing to be open to a new paradigm of what a relationship with an 'executive search firm' can be. (Maybe better thought of as: what a relationship with the right executive search firm can be.) It may be most descriptive of the relationship that we be characterized as something other than an executive search firm due to the limited role that search firms traditionally play relative to the partnership that The Rottman Group attempts to develop with our clients.

We must redefine how we perceive success in the recruitment process.

The traditional paradigm: success = position filled

Better paradigm: success = best possible person in the filled position

For example: If we start with the objective: Paint a picture. Both of the below fulfill that objective, but are they equal?












This may seem like a ridiculous or extreme example, but how far off is it? I believe the reason for this is very simple. Recruitment of management team members is a very small part of the day-to-day functions of executives. You have full agendas planned before a recruitment need occurs. When it does, where does this fall on a list of priorities? Considering the very limited management recruitment experience/expertise, is there really the opportunity to become "experts" in the recruitment and selection process? By being leadership recruitment experts, we bring 20+ years, 1000’s of executive interviews, and process management experience to this mission critical process. If every potter had better clay to work with, wouldn't they be better craftsmen? We want to deliver the very best clay for you to work with.  Concisely, it’s too important a task and you don’t have the time or expertise to do it as well as a seasoned specialist.

Goals and Values
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