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Welcome to "The Human System"

(FYI, I do understand and appreciate the value of your time. Thus it is my challenge to always make reading this a sound investment.)

Foundational theory: Most forces in healthcare today drive standardization of operations: Regulations, Joint Commission, Managed Care companies/contracts, CMS, Obamacare etc. Two competitive advantages you have as an organization: One is the creation of new revenue (physician recruitment, program development, new payor contracts), the other is the “Maximization of your Human System”. You can do little about the former, but can definitely impact the latter.

If the delivery of healthcare were to be compared to a manufacturing environment, people are your machines. That machine is your single biggest direct cost of doing business. It is an area that has a great deal of hidden costs as well as opportunities for savings. How well designed, maintained, updated, evaluated is your machine? With 20 years of working with organizations (90% healthcare services) in building teams, it continues to amaze me how fundamental much of this may seem, yet how elusive it seems to be.

What is this HR Evangelist thing? I think you will come to understand it. I am preaching a message; one of elevation of strategic human resources in healthcare. It is a sermon that has been preached, but not always practiced. We will address some reasoning for this later. My goal is to give perspective, logic, and pragmatic thought to help you to better understand and in turn, give you ways to help develop your own human system along these same principles. We’ll have some fun at the same time. (There is actually a longer story behind “HR Evangelist” that I will share at some point.)

This is intended to be interactive. I encourage you to comment, share your experiences, thoughts, and let me know just how off base I am…..or not.

I have planned for this to be an adventure together; an opportunity to learn, share, and have fun together. I hope you’ll decide to follow, keep up with, even anticipate more (yeah, that’s an ego driven thought). You’ll find that I don’t pull punches, take prisoners, and don’t mind offering up sacrifices for the sake of humor. I’ll work to use truisms vs. esoteric concepts. I will challenge you to think at times, and at others will call you out for not thinking. There’s a lot of stupidity out there (broken machines or parts of them). What value am I if I see problems, and just nod without openly pointing them out and giving possible solutions? It’s up to you what you do with the information.

I hope to give you things to reflect on, models to filter your own machine evaluations through, and pragmatic ways to work toward that goal of a maximized human system.

I hope this glimpse is enough for you to make that next valued investment of your time. At any time you don’t feel the value is there, I will send you a full refund with three extra minutes free which you can use at any time. (I don’t restrict you to nights and weekends)

You always have a choice, so choose to make it a great day!

Don Rottman

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