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Platinum/West Dermatology
Director of Physician Recruiting


The Rottman Group has been retained to find a Director of Provider Recruitment for Platinum/West Dermatology.  In June of 2022, the merger between Platinum Dermatology Partners and West Dermatology was completed.  The combined organization has 170 physicians, 300+ providers operating in 100 locations in CA, TX, AZ, and NV and are continuing to grow.



In June of 2022, the merger of Platinum Dermatology Partners ( and West Dermatology (  was completed under the sponsorship of Sun Capital Partners ( The merger brings a combined organization of 170 physicians, 300+ provider operating in 100+ locations in 4 states; California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.  

The combination of Platinum and West Dermatology was a good fit for many reasons.  Both have had geographical discipline in their development with market concentration.   They have also both been known to have the highest caliber and respected physicians in their markets.  One key factor is that the combined organization has a high level of physician ownership that is captive and supportive in the different business functions of the organization.  The company is also going to continue their growth both via acquisitions., organic, and de novo opportunities.  

The organization is continuing to work through their integration.  One of the key initiatives is to better formalize and establish the provider recruitment function.  

One of the key things you’ll find at Platinum/West Dermatology is a very positive and supportive culture.  It’s one that’s moving fast, but is very collaborative, and a high value-people environment.  

The Role:

This person will report to Nina Jorajuria, Senior Vice President of Business Development.  Nina has been

instrumental in the growth and development of West Dermatology and is leading the development of the

combined organization.  

Prior to this, Platinum Dermatology hasn’t had a dedicated person responsible for physician recruitment.  

West Dermatology has, but until August of 2022, was reporting up through human resources.  They

currently have one person doing provider recruitment who is based in Southern California.  This role is

considered a key success factor in the ongoing development of the organization. 

West Dermatology has been using Recruiterflow as an ATS. They are open to an evaluation of and other

recommendations of this person.  There are current plans for 4 large events this year as well as smaller

localized ones.  


  • Responsible for end-to-end recruitment lifecycle (including sourcing, screening, hiring experience and articulating complex compensation packages) for Provider roles

  • Identify diverse, top-level talent through sourcing methods, which include industry contacts, physician referrals, internet research, networking, employee referrals, advertisements, career events, schools, and other sources as needed

  • Actively follow candidates through hiring process to provide excellent candidate experience and hiring manager experience

  • Manage appropriate candidate tracking and reporting in applicant tracking system

  • Collect and analyze feedback and distribute information to SVP of Business Development, COO and Regional Directors of Operations

  • Participates in the development of business strategy as it relates to clinical talent

  • Offer and negotiate contract to success for potential new hire

  • Participate in meetings to anticipate needs in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas and how it will impact the recruiting / retention process

  • Create and implement recruiting plan

  • Attend quarterly industry meetings

  • Understanding of dermatology and allergy / immunology industry

  • Weekly update provider recruiter page located on corporate website

  • Advises on compensation, and market variables for clinical talent acquisition. Influences leadership to adopt new ideas, products, and/or approaches


Ideal Competencies and Background:

  • The demonstrated ability to quickly establish and build relationships with physicians.

  • Excellent interviewing skills to determine physician skill, cultural fit and experience.

  • Communication proficiency including written, verbal and non-verbal.

  • Initiative and ability to anticipate next steps.

  • Ability to multi-task and ensure time management of projects and priorities.

  • Strong organizational and data management skills

  • Five to Seven years of experience in provider recruiting is preferred.

  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant equivalent experience with physician recruitment.

  • Experience in recruiting positions across multiple geographic markets simultaneously working directly with physicians in an articulate fashion.

  • Experience sourcing physicians from on-line recruiting websites, tradeshows, associations, and educational programs.




This person will have a competitive base salary, 25% bonus and a full set of benefits. 




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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