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Platinum/West Dermatology
Vice President of Operations


The Rottman Group has been retained to find a Vice President of Operations, a newly created position, for Platinum/West Dermatology.  In June of 2022, the merger between Platinum Dermatology Partners and West Dermatology was completed.  The combined organization has 170 physicians, 300+ providers operating in 100 locations in CA, TX, AZ, and NV and are continuing to grow.



In June of 2022, the merger of Platinum Dermatology Partners (

and West Dermatology (  was completed under the sponsorship of

Sun Capital Partners ( The merger brings a combined organization

of 170 physicians, 300+ provider operating in 100+ locations in 4 states; California, Arizona,

Nevada, and Texas.  

The combination of Platinum and West Dermatology was a good fit for many reasons.  

Both have had geographical discipline in their development with market concentration.  

They have also both been known to have the highest caliber and respected physicians in

their markets.  One key factor is that the combined organization has a high level of

physician ownership that is captive and supportive in the different business functions of

the organization.  The company is also going to continue their growth both via

acquisitions., organic, and de novo opportunities.  

The organization is continuing to work through their integration.  One of the key things you’ll find at Platinum/West Dermatology is a very positive and supportive culture.  It’s one that’s moving fast, but is very collaborative, and a high value-people environment.  

Managing/Leading a physician management organization is challenging.  You won’t find a better set of people and resources to work with that are always open to a more/better way to be successful.  You won’t find egos competing, but instead, a group of people working collaboratively to accomplish a mission.  



The Role:

This person will report to Grizelda Altimarano, Chief Operating Officer.  Grizelda has been with

Platinum Dermatology for almost 4 years.  Initially starting as Regional VP of Operations, her acumen

was quickly recognized and she was promoted to VP of Operation for all of Platinum Dermatology.

Through the recent merger she was recognized as being the best person to take the combined company

forward as COO.    Grizeda has been instrumental in creating operational congruency and efficiency in

the organization.  Prior to Platinum Dermatology, Grizelda was the Vice President of Practice

Development for American Vision Partners.  Grizelda is best described as a very supportive, fair and

engaged, but not a micro-manager.  I may be bias because I initially recruited Grizelda to Platinum

Dermatology and have been able to see her career accelerate and hear many people’s very positive

feedback in regard to the wonderful teammate and leader she is. One thing I will say, if you think you

can outwork her…good luck.

This person will be responsible for the P&L and practice operations of the organization.   Currently there are three Regional Directors of Operations reporting to this person.  There are “Field Operational Resources” with subject matter experts leading them: Integrations, Clinical Training, Patient Access, Pathology, and Regulatory Compliance. 

Ideal Competencies and Background:

  • Detail oriented but doesn’t get lost in the weeds.  

  • Enjoys coaching developing, and mentoring others

  • Able to work collaboratively within a shared services organization

  • Experience leading in a multi-site, preferably multi-state physician enterprise

  • Analytical problem solver

  • Natural physician relationship and communication skills

  • Able to work effectively with data and analytics 



This person will have a competitive base salary, bonus, an equity program, and a full set of benefits. 




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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