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Platinum/West Dermatology
Vice President of Marketing

Dallas, Tx



We’ve been retained by Platinum/West Dermatology to find a Vice President of Marketing & Communications.  In the next phase of industry development, Platinum Dermatology has emerged as one of the aggregators and will continue to be one of the dominant organizations in the dermatology sector.  This is a great leadership team and culture to be an integral part of.




In June of 2022, the merger of Platinum Dermatology Partners ( and West Dermatology (  was completed under the sponsorship of Sun Capital Partners ( The merger brings a combined organization of 35 practices consisting of 170 physicians, 300+ provider operating in 100+ locations in 4 states: California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. 


The combination of Platinum and West Dermatology was a good fit for many reasons.  Both have had geographical discipline in their development with market concentration.   They have also both been known to have top caliber and respected physicians in their markets.  One key factor is that the combined organization has a high level of physician ownership that is captive and supportive in the different business functions of the organization.  


One of the key things you’ll find at Platinum/West Dermatology is a very positive and supportive culture.  It’s one that’s moving fast, but is very collaborative, and a high value-people environment.  


Managing/Leading a physician management organization is challenging.  You won’t find a better set of people and resources to work with who are continually open to a more/better way to be successful.  You won’t find egos competing, but instead, a group of people working collaboratively to accomplish a mission.  Not to take anything away from the importance of technical fit and the right experience, but the culture fit is extremely important here.   


Platinum/West Dermatology will continue their growth organically, along with other acquisitions, and de novo opportunities.  


The Role:


This person will report to Michael Pennington, CEO.  Michael started with Platinum Dermatology as the

Chief Development Officer at the company’s inception in 2016.  He took over as President in 2020, leading

Platinum Dermatology through the merger with West Dermatology.  Michael was chosen by the new

board of directors to lead the combined organization in June of 2022.  Michael leads with a great value

placed on teamwork, collaboration, and openness.  He also has an outstanding relationship with the



This person will be responsible for leading the strategy and execution of all marketing and

communications initiatives.  You’ll lead a team of 6 with various subject matter expertise.


Overall, this person will lead their team to:


  • Develop and execute comprehensive marketing tactical plans, both short and long range, to support revenue objectives of partner practices.  

  • Work in cooperation with the referral development and practice operations directors to coordinate specific strategic marketing initiatives, community relations, and promotional activities.

  • Lead discussions that translate business goals into successful marketing strategies.

  • Plan and executive comprehensive marketing campaigns with a matrixed team of designers, writers, videographers, media relations, internal communications, and event experts. 

  • Generate creative marketing concepts and evaluate creative work.

  • Report metrics and outcomes of marketing efforts through executive dashboards and stoplight reports.

  • Develop comprehensive marketing plans for the practice partners of Platinum/West Dermatology, including competitor intel, business development opportunities and regional geographic focus. 

  • Oversees and evaluates market landscape and adjusts marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions. 

  • Ensures marketing objectives/goals match to designated budgets.

  • Utilize data to access markets and develop insights and marketing opportunities to creative awareness and brand differentiation. 

  • Working knowledge of CRM- how to access data and identify insights that drive volume.

  • Develop digital marketing strategies and plans that utilize social media outlets.

  • Measure and show tangible results of marketing initiatives.

  • Resolves conflicts and facilitates change, where applicable, in structure of marketing group to ensure objective fulfillment and swift response to marketing challenges and opportunities.

  • Guides preparation of marketing activity reports and presents to direct supervisor and partner surgeons where appropriate.

  • Establishes and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all promotional materials, print and social media events.



  • Achievement Focus:  Demonstrates persistence and overcomes obstacles.  Measures self against standard of excellence.  Recognizes and acts on opportunities.  Sets and achieves challenging goals.  Takes calculated risks to accomplish goals.  

  • Business Acumen:  Aligns work with strategic goals.  Demonstrates knowledge of market and competition.  Displays orientation to profitability.  Understands business implications of decisions.

  • Business Ethics:  Inspires the trust of others.  Keeps commitments.  Treats people with respect.  Upholds organizational values.  

  • Managing Customer Focus:  Develops new approaches to meeting customer needs.  Establishes customer service standards. 

  • Strategic Thinking:  Analyzes market and competition.  Develops strategies to achieve organizational goals.  Identifies external threats and opportunities.  Understands organization’s strengths & weaknesses.  

  • Visionary Leadership:  Acts in accordance with vision.  Communicates vision and gains commitment.  




There will be a competitive base, bonus, equity participation along with full benefits 




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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