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The Rottman Group has been retained to find a VP of Business Development for US Oral Surgery Management ( USOSM is the first shared services organization (SSO) in the oral surgery space and is growing very quickly. The company is well funded by PE firms with sector experience and lead by experienced, quality executive leadership.



We are in another high growth phase in the physician practice management (PPMC) and shared services organization (SSO) industry. With new PPMCs and SSOs emerging regularly, there are key factors to consider in making a choice to be a part of one.

  • Is this the first time for either the executive leadership or the private equity backers to work in a physician practice model?

    • There are many trying to be in the PPMC/SSO business, both as financial backers and as executive leaders. There are very unique dynamics and absolutely a learning curve for those who don’t have extensive experience in the physician space. You don’t want to suffer through either’s learning curve.

    • USOSM’s executive leadership and private equity partners both have extensive experience here.

  • How crowded is this specific space?

    • Is this a mature sector? How many other suitors is this physician or group hearing from?

    • USOSM is the first in the oral surgery space. As a result, you’re able to benefit from the first-mover advantage vs. being one of the crowd.   


There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons in the United States. It is a very fragmented market with 94% or all US oral surgeons operating independently.  The oral and maxillofacial surgery market today is approximately $9 billion with an additional $5 billion in dental implant services.


Less than a year old, USOSM is already a $100M organization. They anticipate doubling this in the next year and reaching $300M revenue in their third year of operation.

The initial USOSM platform was formed in November 2017 by RiverGlade Capital and the Thurston Group through the combination of two oral surgery groups in Austin and Dallas. The Thurston Group ( and RiverGlade Capital ( both have successful experience working in the practice management sector across different specialties.

The initial two anchor practices consisted of 18 physicians in 17 locations. The response has been very positive and USOSM has already grown to 10 groups consisting of 44 physicians. There are multiple other groups in the development pipeline in a multi-state area. 

This VP of Business Development will report directly to Rick Hall, CEO ( ). Rick has had a long distinguished career as a healthcare executive in some top-notch organizations.  Rick has lead startup

ventures as well as very large, sophisticated operations.  Very notable within the PPMC sector, Rick was the Senior

VP of Business Development and Marketing in the high growth phase of U.S. Oncology. Since that time he has been

the President of Alliance Oncology as well as CEO of Oncology Services International. Rick has consistently been

able to assemble great teams of people who have accomplished a lot. He’s considered a very supportive leader and

someone who gives his people room to excel and be successful.

Another very important thing to point out is that before the integration of practices, a full leadership team and

infrastructure had been developed. They are not in a “fake it till you make it” mode or mentality. This is a very

well thought out, well put together operation you can be proud to represent with confidence of competence.

The Role:

As an instrumental part of the business development team, this person will facilitate the full practice acquisition process from identification through closure.  This includes communication with a broad set of individuals; physicians and staff, bankers, attorneys, as well as the internal USOSM team.  Having had this previous experience is a must.  

This person must be able to naturally build trust relationships with physicians. They will have a fundamental working knowledge of practice operations and finance to be able to understand, communicate, and make general assessments of the practice dynamics.  


This person will need to be well organized and able to manage multiple projects at different stages of development.

There are currently two other people in business development who would be peers. They also report directly to Rick Hall. There has been a very positive and strong response from the market.  There are no assigned regions or territories at this time.  This person must be someone comfortable in a quickly growing and developing organization. It’s exciting, but being flexible and focused on the team overall is essential.  

Based on the high amount of travel, this person does not have to be based in or relocate to Dallas.


This person will have a competitive base salary, 35% bonus, and an equity opportunity. There is a full set of benefits and 4 weeks’ vacation.




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


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