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Vice President of Business Development
U.S. Oral Surgery Management


There is no lack of opportunities for successful M&A professionals today in the provider management sector.  However, companies, platforms, models , and investor backing are not at all equal.  You’ll find everything about this opportunity to be refreshing and worth a conversation.

US Oral Surgery Management ( is a wonderful success story and model for the entire provider management industry.  They were first in the oral surgery sector, are the largest with 150+ providers, and have had ZERO physician turnover since their inception in 2017.  

I’ve done work with USOSM for several years now and feel very confident attesting to them being a top-notch organization with great leadership that will continue to be successful. 



There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons in the United States. It is a

very fragmented market with 94% or all US oral surgeons operating

independently.  The oral and maxillofacial surgery market today is

approximately $9 billion with an additional $5 billion in dental

implant services. 

US Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) was the first shared services

platform for oral surgeons and the clear leader of this sector today.

The initial USOSM platform was formed in November 2017 by

RiverGlade Capital and the Thurston Group through the combination of

two oral surgery groups in Austin and Dallas.  The initial two anchor

practices consisted of 18 physicians in 17 locations. Fast forward four

years and USOSM has grown to 54 groups consisting of 160 physicians in 20 states.  USOSM has just completed a recapitalization (December 2021) with Oak Hill Capital ( valued at $700M+ and are poised to continue their pace of growth.  It is significant to note they have had ZERO physician turnover since their inception. 

Beyond a winning platform and model, USOSM has an outstanding leadership team with a very positive culture, spearheaded by Rick Hall, CEO.  Rick has fostered a very team driven culture.   Big egos and corporate politics don’t exist here.  They would stick out like a sore thumb and eliminated as soon as they surfaced.  You’ll find a team of people to work with who are genuine and authentic.  


Another very important thing to point out about USOSM is that before they started integrating practices, a full leadership team and infrastructure had been developed. They have not been in a “fake it till you make it” mode or mentality. This is a very well thought out, well put together operation you can be proud to represent with confidence of competence. 


The Opportunity:

Though a personal conversation can do this more justice, here are a few considerations for why this vs. other opportunities:

  • Oral surgery is not a crowded space in.  Though initially USOSM was more of an educational sale, there’s been enough traction to be transitioning to more of a feature/benefit dynamic.  There have only been a few other platforms develop in oral surgery and are far behind USOSM. You’re representing the leader of the space with a great reputation.  

  • Most of the leads have come from their existing physician partners and have a great pipeline to work.

  • All the physician partners have an equity stake in the parent company. This gives them another “bite of the apple” with each recapitalization.  Having been through this once now, they are even that more positive and referring peers.

  • They have someone dedicated to lead development, they have a very adequate pipeline to work through.

  • The average deal has a 4-5 month cycle time. You should anticipate doing approximately 6-10 deals/year to be on plan.  

  • There is an uncapped compensation opportunity.


The Role:

This Vice President of Development will report to the Chief Development Officer, Jim Sloan (   Jim has been with USOSM since its

inception and previously was part of the Thurston Group, one of the company’s initial investors.  

This person will be one of four development leaders, supported by three analysts and a lead

generation person.  

Last year, USOM added almost $100M in collected revenue via acquisition.  The plan is to repeat

this for the next several years.  


Based on the amount of travel, relocation is not an expectation. 



This person must have the following:

  • The ability to quickly establish and build trust relationships

  • Experience completing the full deal life cycle in a provider-based setting

  • The ability to work as a part of a collaborative team, not just a lone wolf



Along with a full set of benefits, this person will have a competitive base salary with a per deal commission structure.  There is an additional kicker when the team meets the overall goal and is uncapped.  There will also be an equity package for this person.   




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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