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Vice President of Human Resources
US Oral Surgery Management
Dallas, TX


The Rottman Group has been retained to find a Vice President of Human Resources for US Oral Surgery Management ( This is a newly created position, part of succession planning as well as the growth and development of their human resources department.  This is an opportunity to be part of an outstanding organization; one setting the standard of success in how to build and develop a top-notch physician management organization.  



There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons in the United States. It is a very fragmented

market with 94% or all US oral surgeons operating independently.  The oral and

maxillofacial surgery market today is approximately $9 billion with an additional $5

billion in dental implant services. 


US Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) was the first shared services platform for oral


The initial USOSM platform was formed in November 2017 by RiverGlade Capital and the

Thurston Group through the combination of two oral surgery groups in Austin and Dallas.  The initial two anchor practices consisted of 18 physicians in 17 locations. Fast forward four years and USOSM has grown to 72 groups consisting of 222 physicians in 24 states with approximately 1,600 employees.  In 2021, USOSM completed a recapitalization with Oak Hill Capital ( valued at $700M+ and are poised to continue their pace of growth.  Since that time, 12 months later, USOSM is performing at month 20 of their plan.  This will likely accelerate the timeframe of their next recapitalization.  It is significant to note they have had ZERO physician turnover since their inception.  

Beyond a winning platform and model, USOSM has an outstanding leadership team with a very positive culture, spearheaded by Rick Hall, CEO. Rick is a very accomplished healthcare executive and has worked in the physician management space for the last 20 years.  Rick has assembled and led an outstanding team of people and is zealous about culture and organizational fit.  You will find there is no tolerance for big egos or corporate politics here.  

A very important thing to point out about USOSM is that before the integration of practices, a full leadership team and infrastructure had been developed. They have not been in a “fake it till you make it” mode or mentality. This is a very well thought out, well put together operation you can be proud to be a part of.  They have also been very cognizant of balancing the development side with the operations of the organization which has two Vice Presidents of Practice Integration.  This is a facet much of the provider management space has struggled with.  

For those that understand net promoter scores, USOSM has an NPS above 80 at all of their partner practices: 


This type of success doesn’t happen by mistake.  


With the company’s growth and success, this has naturally been a fast-paced environment.  From the very top with Rick Hall and consistent through the organization you’ll find a value-people culture.  Organizational chart lines are not rigid and this is a very-roll-up-the-sleeves, team-oriented environment.  


The Role:


During 2001, along with completing the recapitalization with Oak Hill Capital, USOSM added 26 new practices.  They will add over 20 again in 2022 and will continue that pace.  One of the things that happens in a “recap” year is that you run lean.  That included the human resources team.  With the partnering with Oak Hill Capital is the recognition of the need and support to invest in a more developed human resources team.  This has led to creating the Vice President of Human Resources role along with several other positions being added to the human resources department.  This is part of their investing in taking USOSM to the next level developmentally.   


Reporting to Annette Igl, Chief Human Resource Officer, the Vice President of Human Resources is responsible

for operational oversight of the organization’s human resources department.  Annette is a well accomplished

human resources leader and has been with the company since its inception.  From my own experience in

working with her as well as other’s feedback, Annette is a great communicator, listener, supportive, and very

easy to work with.  


The right person in this role will allow Annette to focus on the practice integration, corporate strategy, and

relationship with the executive leadership and private equity partnership. 


The Vice President of Human Resources will serve as a key leader who will assist Annette in managing all

aspects of the Human Resources function, including talent acquisition, talent management, employee

relations, compensation, benefits, recruitment, HRIS, organizational and employee/leadership development

across the entire business, both SSO (corporate functions) and the field (surgeon practices). Most critically,

this person will be expected to have the strategic and analytical insight to help translate the company’s strategy into HR processes, programs and initiatives that drive the achievement of its business goals. 



  • Lead operational practices and thinking, working with the CHRO, on business and people related opportunities to advance the operational and financial performance of the company 

  • Act as an HR and business thought partner at all levels of the organization advising on strategic, operational, and tactical matters 

  • In collaboration with the CHRO and the leadership team assist to: 

    • Lead, develop, and improve the organization’s people practices, policies, programs, and processes

    • Ensure that robust recruiting and onboarding processes exist to attract the depth and diversity of talent needed to meet the company’s business objectives

    • Attract and retain talent needed across the company (corporate and field human capital) to build capabilities and address shortcomings

    • Ensure employee and leadership development strategies and programs are in place and effective

    • Develop and implement plans necessary to ensure that robust ,energizing employee communication exists at all levels of the organization

    • Identify and lead creative and new strategies and supporting initiatives to maximize employee engagement

    • Establish and continuously improve the operations and metrics driving the success of the human resources function

    • Execute in the field, simple talent management strategies and processes needed to achieve organizational talent objectives (e.g. succession planning, key talent development, workforce planning, etc.)

    • Proactively partner with recruiting and the physician practices to improve the approach and execution of talent acquisition

    • Work on HR aspects of integrating acquired businesses

    • Ensure that people policies and practices are managed in a compliant, consistent, and fair manner upholding both “organizational justice” and the needs of the business

    • Respond and resolve quickly matters of employee relations. Ensure that people policies and practices are managed in a compliant, consistent, and fair manner upholding both “organizational justice” and the needs of the business 


Ideal Background:


  • As least 15 years of relevant HR leadership experience with significant depth across the various functional disciplines of Human Resources. Must have a track record of success in job performance 

  • Demonstrated ability to partner with senior level leaders to achieve business objectives using HR strategies, operations, and tactics 

  • Detailed knowledge of state-of-the-art people practices, policies, programs, and processes to create value 

  • Demonstrated ability to acquire, retain and develop HR talent needed to support an evolving business 


Ideal Person: 

The successful candidate must bring a high level of ethical, intellectual, professional, and personal values. Including: 

  • Emotional Intelligence.  High level of self-awareness. Strong ability to build credible, influencing relationships throughout the organization. 

  • Strategic thinker who possesses exceptional interpersonal and communication skills needed to effectively share and engage the entire organization in the key people initiatives of the Company. 

  • Collaborative leader who is confident and assertive in style, but respectful of others. 

  • High energy, hands-on, engaged style of leadership 

  • Have worked in a fast-paced environment 

  • Must be a generalist and have handled all lanes of HR

  • Can take a concept and put it into action 

  • Take charge / doer /roll-up-the-sleeves personality

  • Sense of humor / caring, inviting personality

  • Extremely good at follow-up and have a servant leadership mentality

  • Can put themselves in an operator’s shoes and understand frustrations, needs, shares successes



This person will have a competitive base salary, 30% bonus, along with a full set of benefits. There is also a meaningful equity participation for this person.  



If this is something you are open to exploring, contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.


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