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Regional Director/ AVP of Operations

North Texas Market



The Rottman Group has been retained by Platinum Dermatology Partners to find a Regional Director/AVP of Operations.  This is a somewhat newly created position, reporting to the VP of Operations.  This person will be responsible for 9 practices with 22 locations and 55 providers.  All but one of the practices is based in the DFW market, the other is in Houston.   




Corporately based in Dallas, Platinum Dermatology ( was formed in 2016 with the backing of Sterling Partners, a private equity firm with strong healthcare services experience.   Since that time, Platinum Dermatology has developed into an amalgamation of 14 practices with a total of 90 providers.  They started in Texas and in 2018 expanded their operations to Arizona.  


Platinum Dermatology is well lead by Greg DeAtkine, CEO, who is very highly regarded, very collaborative leader with an extensive and well accomplished background in leading physician organizations.  (  


The Covid slow down, brought an opportunity for leadership, along with the physician owners to evaluate and collaborate on how to enhance the operational support and leadership of the organization. As a result, the decision has been made to make a few changes, one of which is to add a Regional Director/AVP of Operations.  This person will report to the VP of Operations.


Organizationally, like all others, there were significant reductions in business operations during shut-downs.  They have emerged from this and have performed at approximately 95% of pre-Covid levels during the last two months.  


The company continues to look at strategic acquisitions and development.  They have invested in remodeling or rebuilding many of their facilities.  They have also invested in recruiting top-notch physicians.  




The organization has well accomplished executive leadership in the CEO.  He was recruited to lead the organization’s development and has been here since its inception.  He has a strong history of successfully leading multiple physician organizations in his past.  He’s also known to be a very open communicator, very approachable, interactive, and collaborative.  


This person will report to a very dynamic VP of Operations, Grizelda Altamirano.   She is a very supportive and engaged leader and someone people enjoy working with.  You’ll find someone very open and clear in their communication, very supportive, very fair and very engaged, but not a micro-manager.  They want someone who can lead without a great deal of management.     



  • Like many similar companies, the individual physician practices don’t always have strong business leadership at the practice administrator level.  One of the key competencies of this person should be the ability to assess, develop, coach, and mentor these individuals.  

  • To fit with this team, this organization, this person needs to be an open communicator, proactive, and be very tuned in to the operations of their practices.  

  • It should go without saying that this person needs to be someone with a strong history of positive physician relations skills.  This doesn’t mean always acquiescing to physician’s wants or reactions, but able to balance communication and collaboration with problem solving. 

  • Like many other similar settings, turnover of medical assistances tends to be an issue.  This person should be attuned to working collaboratively with human resources as well as practice administrators to strategically enhance quality recruitment/retention and employee engagement to address this challenge.

  • This person will manage approximately 9 practices with multiple locations for each.  One of these is also a recent acquisition.  



If this is something you are open to exploring, contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.


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