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Director of Strategic Business Analysis
Austin, TX


We’ve been retained by Tenderheart Health Outcomes,,  to find a Director of Strategic Business Analysis, a newly created role based on current and anticipated growth.  This is a great opportunity to be an integral part of a leadership team, a very visible role, in a growing, innovative, and successful company which will be doubling this year with similar growth anticipated in the future.



Tenderheart , based in Austin, was founded in 2005.  Initially they provided a broad range of patient medical supply management and delivery.  

In 2015, under the leadership of CEO, James Whittenburg, Longhorn made a unique strategic shift in their business strategy that’s proven very successful.   Partnering with managed care organizations, Longhorn is the first, under a capitated compensation model, to take a value-based patient care approach focused on incontinence care.  As a result, the Tenderheart model has proven to provide higher quality patient care at a meaningfully reduced cost for payors.  

In 2020, RiverGlade Capital ( invested in Tenderheart. RiverGlade is a healthcare services-focused private equity firm that invests in founder-owned, high-quality, differentiated businesses. RiverGlade partners with companies that have demonstrated strong organic growth and where value can be accelerated through human capital investments, operational improvements, strategic planning, and dynamic organic and inorganic growth initiatives.  They have an outstanding reputation and history of success in the healthcare services sector.  

Tenderheart is currently managing the incontinence needs for 40,000+ home-based patients per month in 5 states: TX, MO, SC, WA, AZ, and NE.  They have another 6 states that they are going to be on-boarding.  They anticipate and are planning to double in size over the next 2-3 years.  

Last year, in response to clients’ needs under the Medical Lose Ratio dynamic, (I’m happy to expand on the explanation of this), Tenderheart, through what they call Tenderheart Rewards, put together 10 different themed wellness boxes.  This was very successful in a short period of time and has already more than doubled this year.  

In a time where a lot of organizations are trying to keep afloat, this is an exciting and energized environment at Tenderheart that is thriving.  



The Director of Strategic Business Analysis is a newly created based on Tenderheart’s current and anticipated growth.  This person will have a lot of visibility, initially report to the CEO, James Whittenburg.  

Because Tenderheart’s growth and success, things move quickly.  This person needs to be someone agile that can adapt and lead change.  Even better, this person needs to be part of the strategy looking forward and anticipating needs.  

With 40K patients per month, in essence, they have 40K invoices monthly along with multiple sku for each.  This creates large data sets.  They have a 3rd party which manages their data warehouse along with a data analyst in the IT department.  When you consider their patient education and other operations, they have a lot of moving parts.  Couple this with capitated contracts, changing reimbursement, patient utilization, the complexities just continue to grow.  Small changes can have compounding impacts.  

The essence of this role is to be an analytical guru; someone who can assimilate a great deal of data points and transform it to the most meaningful use for organization success.  

This person needs to be able to learn their business processes, understand the historical, and be able to translate that into future expectations as well as strategic adjustments to make to maximize outcomes.  

As a synopsis this person:

  • Focuses on optimizing quality of service, business growth, and client satisfaction 

  • Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business processes; identifies and implements opportunities for improvement, 

  • Establishes quantitative and qualitative metrics, guidelines, and standards by which efficiency and effectiveness are evaluated

  • Leads coordination and integration of efforts among employees to produce smoother workflow and more cost-effective business processes 

  • Supports client service and satisfaction through policy and procedural changes


Ideal Candidate:

This person needs to have a demonstrated set of the following competencies:

  • Strong business acumen

  • Intellectual curiosity

  • Is analytical and data driven

  • Able to develop, manage, monitor KPIs and corresponding dashboards

  • Ability to assemble and lead teams, both internally and externally 

  • Able to work effectively at multiple levels

  • Has effective communication skills

  • Ability to simplify the complicated to communicate to others at multiple levels

  • Be proficient with tools like Tableau, Excel, SQL, Power BI

  • Be a meaningful part of a fast paced, high functioning team in a dynamic growth environmen


If this is something you’re open to learning more about, I’m happy to talk with you and share more.  You can reach me at 501-519-2514 or let me know the best time and # to reach you at.  If not for you, feel free to share this information as it is a great opportunity for someone.


Choose to make it a great day!


Don Rottman

501-519-2514 cell

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