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Director of Provider Recruitment

U.S. Oral Surgery Management 

Dallas, TX


The Rottman Group has been retained to find a Director of Provider Recruitment for US Oral Surgery Management ( This position will build and lead the physician recruiting team responsible for identifying, building relationships with, and recruiting oral surgeons for USOSM practices. USOSM was the first Shared Service Organization (SSO) in the oral surgery space and the clear leader today.  They are a top-notch organization with great leadership and culture that will continue to be successful.  



There are approximately 7,500 oral surgeons in the United States. It is a very

fragmented market with 94% or all US oral surgeons operating independently.  

The oral and maxillofacial surgery market today is approximately $9 billion with

an additional $5 billion in dental implant services. 

US Oral Surgery Management (USOSM) was the first shared services platform for

oral surgeons. 


The initial USOSM platform was formed in November 2017 by RiverGlade Capital

and the Thurston Group through the combination of two oral surgery groups in

Austinand Dallas.  The initial two anchor practices consisted of 18 physicians in 17

locations. Fast forward 4+ years and USOSM has grown to 50 groups consisting of

150+ physicians in 19 states.  USOSM has just completed a recapitalization with Oak Hill Capital ( valued at $700M+ and are poised to continue this pace of growth.  It is significant to note they have had ZERO physician turnover since their inception. 


Another very important thing to point out about USOSM is that before the integration of practices, a full leadership team and infrastructure had been developed. They are not in a “fake it till you make it” mode or mentality. This is a very well thought out, well put together operation you can be proud to represent with confidence of competence.  There will also be great key physician support for this person.  


Beyond a winning platform and model, USOSM has an outstanding leadership team with a very positive culture, spearheaded by Rick Hall, CEO. 

With the company’s growth and success, this is naturally a fast-paced environment.  From the very top with Rick Hall and consistent through the organization you’ll find a value-people culture.  Organizational chart lines are not rigid and this is a very-roll-up-the-sleeves, team-oriented environment.  You will also find there is no tolerance for big egos or corporate politics here.  


The Role:

Kevin Stewart was the first Director of Provider Recruitment who started in March of 2020.  With the onset of Covid, there wasn’t a lot of travel or recruiting happening.  He ended up transitioning to a full-time business development (practice acquisition) role, a great example of someone being able to grow within USOSM.  He did implement Bullhorn as a CRM/ATS system.


While recruiting physicians is the obvious goal, much of this role is developing long-term relationships with residents and building a pipeline as opposed to just addressing immediate openings.   This is more of a farming vs. cramming role and this person needs to have the personality and mentality of long-term relationship building. 


In 2021 USOSM added 26 practices.  They anticipate this type of growth for the next several years.  Physician recruiting plans are both for growth and succession planning.  On the succession planning, they currently anticipate 18 physicians retiring in the next two years.  


Based on their high growth, USOSM anticipates their physician recruitment needs growing accordingly.  There are current plans for this person to add additional recruiters as well as administrative support.  Thus, this person needs to be someone that can build and lead a team.  

Functionally, this person will:

  • Source, recruit, qualify, screen, and assist in placing doctors with clients of USOSM by enlisting a variety of methods including, but not limited to: responding to inquires generated from marketing programs, utilizing internal and purchased databases, doing independent internet research, attending medical specialty conferences, professional networking, cold calling, e-mailing, and more.

  • Establishes long-term relationships with colleges, residency directors, and military advisors in order to nurture relationships with future graduates and seasoned professionals. Regularly visits campuses and programs, attends conferences and meetings across the United States to ensure consistent follow-up and relationship building.

  • Establishes and maintains communication and rapport with partner doctors who have openings in order to create a recruitment plan, consults with them on their options, and keep them informed throughout the recruitment and selection process.

  • Completes initial quality screening and guides partner doctors through the application, credentials review, and contracting processes.

  • Identifies day to day business priorities and targets personal recruiting efforts appropriately.

  • Understands partner doctors’ compensation programs, path to partnership within a Practice, total benefit packages. Understands company and practice revenue streams profit margins, personal and team revenue goals, and the recruiter’s role in meeting and exceeding goals.

  • Ad hoc special project as assigned.


This is an environment that will both allow and encourage people to grow and develop professionally.   Aside from the above recruiting responsibilities, it is hopeful this person will expand their role to one of various training, development, and other non-clinical education initiatives for the providers.   


Ideal Competencies and Background:

  • Excellent interviewing skills to determine physician skill, cultural fit and experience.

  • Communication proficiency including written, verbal and non-verbal.

  • Initiative and ability to anticipate next steps.

  • Ability to multi-task and ensure time management of projects and priorities.

  • Strong organizational and data management skills

  • Must have attention to detail, accuracy and ability to work efficiently to contribute to the team's success. 

  • Five to Seven years of experience in provider recruiting is preferred.

  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant equivalent experience with physician recruitment.

  • Experience in recruiting positions across multiple geographic markets simultaneously working directly with physicians in an articulate fashion.

  • Experience sourcing physicians from on-line recruiting websites, tradeshows, associations and educational programs.


It is possible that this person work remotely.  However, the preference, and to this person’s benefit is that they would be based in the DFW market and work in the Las Colinas headquarters office.  This is a very synergistic group.  The interaction together is what will give the greatest opportunity to grow professionally within the organization.  



This person will have a competitive base salary, 20% bonus, along with the Director level equity participation. There is also a full set of benefits. 



Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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