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Platinum/West Dermatology
Director of Integrations

Dallas, Tx



We’ve been retained by Platinum/West Dermatology to find a Director of Integrations.  This person will lead the integration of practices within the current organization as well as others added via acquisition on an ongoing basis.  There is a great leadership team and culture to be a part of.  




In June of 2022, the merger of Platinum Dermatology Partners ( and West Dermatology (  was completed under the sponsorship of Sun Capital Partners ( The merger brings a combined organization of 35 practices consisting of 170 physicians, 300+ provider operating in 100+ locations in 4 states: California, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. 


The combination of Platinum and West Dermatology was a good fit for many reasons.  Both have had geographical discipline in their development with market concentration.   They have also both been known to have top caliber and respected physicians in their markets.  One key factor is that the combined organization has a high level of physician ownership that is captive and supportive in the different business functions of the organization.  


One of the key things you’ll find at Platinum/West Dermatology is a very positive and supportive culture.  It’s one that’s moving fast, but is very collaborative, and a high value-people environment.  


Managing/Leading a physician management organization is challenging.  You won’t find a better set of people and resources to work with who are continually open to a more/better way to be successful.  You won’t find egos competing, but instead, a group of people working collaboratively to accomplish a mission.  Not to take anything away from the importance of technical fit and the right experience, but the culture fit is extremely important here.   


Platinum/West Dermatology will continue their growth organically, along with other acquisitions, and de novo opportunities.  

The Role:


This person will report to Grizelda Altimarano, Chief Operating Officer.  Grizelda has been with Platinum

Dermatology for almost 4 years.  Initially starting as Regional VP of Operations, her acumen was quickly

recognized and she was promoted to VP of Operation for all of Platinum Dermatology. Through the recent

merger she was recognized as being the best person to take the combined company forward as COO.    

Grizeda has been instrumental in creating operational congruency and efficiency in the organization.  

Prior to Platinum Dermatology, Grizelda was the Vice President of Practice Development for American Vision

Partners.  Grizelda is best described as a very supportive, fair and engaged, but not a micro-manager.  I may

be bias because I initially recruited Grizelda to Platinum Dermatology and have been able to see her career

accelerate and hear many people’s very positive feedback regarding the wonderful teammate and leader she

is.  One thing I will say, if you think you can outwork her…good luck.


With the merger of Platinum and West Dermatology, they were in different places as organizations.  Platinum Dermatology has chosen and moved almost all of their practices to NextGen.  They have had congruent operational practices, KPI’s and operations.  West Dermatology has not been as internally congruent as Platinum.  While from the Platinum side there are 3 practices to integrate, there are 12 from the West Dermatology side.  


Instead of directly managing a staff, this person will draw from cross functional set of resources of applicable subject matter experts and teams within the organization.  


Primary Responsibilities 

  • Plan, coordinate and execute integration strategies for both internal and newly acquired practices

  • Work with and organize a team of cross functional resources to efficiently and effectively integrate practices into Platinum/West Dermatology’s operations

  • Prepare communications and documents to deliver process and structure to new integrations

  • Assign and track integration tasks and performance to plan

  • Develop, track and report on business KPIs

  • Ensure all new practices are fully integrated

  • Push integration initiatives to track against project timelines

  • Define the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management

  • Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the projects

  • Monitor overall project milestones and the execution of the project against established timelines, communicates dependencies across programs, and provides accurate & timely program/project status to Integration Leads and related stakeholders

  • Translate M&A objectives into integration goals, plans and actions 

  • Drive integration related programs, accelerate integration decision-making, report team progress and escalate issues for quick resolution 

  • Work collaboratively with cross-functional teams to drive and track integration projects and activities, monitor and correct any schedule compliance issues, manage critical path, risks and track dependencies, improve the process through post-project assessments


Ideal Background:

The ideal candidate will embody the following characteristics and possess the knowledge, skills and abilities listed below:


  • Experience in the operational integration of mergers & acquisitions is strongly preferred

  • Exceptional project management skills, the ability to track and manage complex projects, and a desire to lead multiple teams and multiple projects

  • High level of maturity and diplomacy and ability to see and rationalize multiple points of view 

  • Attention to detail, process driven and highly organized

  • Positive attitude and team player with the ability to self-motivate

  • High level of integrity and strict adherence to protecting confidential information

  • Good organizational and planning skills, with a proven ability to manage time well in a fast-paced, ever-changing, team-oriented environment




There will be a competitive base, bonus, along with full benefits. 




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 cell

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