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Consulting Services


Leadership of this is under the direction of Dr. Britt Thomas, PhD, Vice President of Consulting Services.  Britt received his PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, one of the top programs of its kind in the country.


Recruitment Strategy


      Purpose:  Each individual “job family” and level of the organization has its own unique dynamics and characteristics.  Successful recruitment strategy takes these differences into account before engaging in a “campaign”.  Some of these factors are:


  • Current market supply and demand characteristics

  • Education or professional training requirements for role

  • Work-related experience requirement for role

  • What are the social characteristics of this group’s norms?


Product/Services include:


  • Recruitment system evaluation

  • Written Recruitment Plans

  • Recruitment Management


Selection Systems


     Purpose:  Through scientifically validated testing, make the selection process more objective, congruent, and qualitative.  Selection testing has been proven to be correlated to hiring superior groups of individuals and thus making organizations more effective.


Selection systems are customized per individual client’s desired results and needs.  This can be done on an individual or group basis.


  • Evaluation

  • Planning and Design

  • Execution


Turnover Management


       Purpose:  There is a great opportunity in understanding the quantitative and qualitative components of turnover to an organization.  These opportunities, once realized, can make an organization healthier, both financially and culturally.


  • Costing:  if you don’t understand the cost of turnover and what your cost is, you can’t truly know what the ROI of any initiatives for the reduction of turnover.  Thus, you can’t make best informed decisions about the expense of resources for the purpose of reducing turnover.

  • Analysis:  Are there trends in your turnover?  Are there sources of turnover that can be traced and understood, then corrected?  Is the turnover you are experiencing significantly different than those around you?

    • Competitive compensation and benefits review

    • Cultural assessment

    • Cause-solution identification and strategy


Management Assessment Centers


    Purpose:  to objectively  assess the skills and abilities of those who desire to progress in leadership roles within an organization:


  Background:  too many times people are promoted/put into management positions without having good information about the person’s likelihood of success. At times this is by both the individual and the organization.  The purpose of management assessment centers is to assure that individuals both have the interest and aptitude to be in management and leadership roles.




  • Drastic reduction of “Peter Principle” occurrences

  • Better employee relations in terms of internal promotions having objectivity

  • Lower management turnover

  • Lower staff turnover

    • Because of lower management turnover

    • Because of better leadership

  • An overall more effective organization, allowing leaders to lead, not manage.

  • Predictable and deliberate succession planning.  This allows for those with the aptitude and desire to be given the training and development to be successful when the management/leadership opportunity is available in the future.

  • Creates a proactive vs. reactive program that deals with organizational leadership.

  • If you are doing this and your competitors are not, then you now have a competitive advantage.  If your competitors are already doing this, they you have an opportunity to neutralize their advantage.

    Format:  Assessment can be done on an individual or group basis.  Programs are       individually tailored for each client dependent upon the scope and scale of the project.  Feedback is given in both oral and customized written reporting.


Performance Management Systems


  • Customized performance appraisal systems

  • Multi-rater or 360 degree feedback systems

   Management Development Services for Individuals

  • Assessment of key skills with oral feedback, development planning, and customized report.

  • Multi-rater feedback can be added to this assessment

  • Extended development and career counseling can be added

  • Coaching to develop specific skills

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