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Chief Development Officer



The Rottman Group has been retained to find the Chief Development Officer for CityVet, Inc. in Dallas, TX.  With a great history, leadership, culture, and PE partner, this is an outstanding opportunity for the right person to build the development department for CityVet as they embark on their next stage of growth.  




In 1999 founder Chip Cannon, DVM, opened the first City Veterinary Center now known as CityVet (  in the Oak Lawn area of Dallas, Texas.  The goal was to create a great pet care experience for clients by offering the best possible combination of quality care, convenience, and service with a focus to be affordable and available to clients.  Chip believed his CityVet concept would produce the strongest client connections and deliver the best care available.  It worked.  CityVet has grown to 15 locations and 40 providers and is financially healthy. 

In 2019, CityVet partnered with RiverGlade Capital ( for the next stage of their development and subsequently recruited David Boguslawski as CEO.  RiverGlade has an outstanding reputation and history of success in the healthcare services sector.  David Boguslawski, prior to CityVet, led the successful growth of Deca Dental from 28 to 85 locations over a four-year period.  Even early in his career, David was successful in leading teams of people. Notably, at Lockheed Martin David took over the leadership of poor performing team that ranked last in the company, led a full turnaround, and won the “team of the year” award.  

Culture is very important at CityVet.  They’ve been both open and deliberate about the practice of servant leadership.  This has translated to tangible results.  Their net promoter score for customer service is 90% and their internal employee satisfaction scores, which are anonymous range from 75-80%.  They have less than 10% turnover of veterinarians and zero turnover of partner level veterinarians.  CityVet has also proven highly successful in recruiting new veterinarians.  

After refining operational systems and infrastructure, CityVet is now ready to accelerate their growth, thus the recruitment of their first Chief Development Officer.  


The Role:


Most of CityVet’s historical growth has been via de novos.  As they move beyond the DFW market, they plan to grow via both acquisitions and de novo. 

Under the CityVet acquisition model, veterinarians can continue to own up to 49% of their practice.  They can also participate as an equity owner in the holding company, giving a second meaningful financial opportunity.  This obviously encourages an ongoing incentive to continue to grow and develop the practice and overall organization.  

The Chief Development Officer will lead the full lifecycle of the acquisition process.  Initially, there is an analyst and another person who leads the project management of de novos reporting to this person.  This person will also get a lot of support from the veterinary leadership at CityVet.    

The plan for the next several years is the targeted development within other metropolitan markets in Texas, adding 5-6 locations per year.


Though the CityVet culture and model is naturally attractive, this person must be able to naturally build trust relationships with providers. They need to have a fundamental working knowledge of practice operations and finance to be able to understand, communicate, and make general assessments of practice dynamics. 


Though it should go without saying, this person must be someone who works well with a team and naturally reflects the company’s culture.  



There will be a competitive base salary, bonus program, and equity participation, along with full benefits. 


If this is something you’re open to exploring, contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.


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