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Vice President of Human Resources

Las Vegas, Nevada


The Rottman Group has been retained to find the Vice President of Human Resources for Comprehensive EyeCare Partners, based in Las Vegas, NV.   This is a pseudo-startup which is well funded and will be growing quickly.  An HR dream job for the right person;  the opportunity to build/develop/lead the corporate human resource function with a fairly blank canvass and the backing of a CEO who embodies a supportive, value-people, culture to permeate the organization. 


The Organization:

Comprehensive EyeCare Partners 


The initial establishment of Comprehensive EyeCare Partners is the amalgamation of the

following three large ophthalmic practices in the Las Vegas market:  

Shepherd Eye Center


Retina Consultants of Nevada


Nevada Eye Physicians

Though these groups have been independent, they’ve been part of the same IPA (Independent Physician Association) for many years.  They made a decision in 2015 to form their own MSO or physician practice management company, Comprehensive EyeCare Partners.  In doing so, they recruited Bill Moore as CEO to guide them in this process and on an ongoing basis (see more below about Bill).  In creating the structure and vision of the organization, they successfully sought out and evaluated multiple private equity partners to not only bring Comprehensive Eyecare Partners to fruition, but to be committed to  fund their continued growth and development.  With multiple choices, they found the best overall fit in partnering with Gauge Capital Partners.  Their investment is expected to close in October 2017.

In total, they will initially consist of 38 ophthalmologists, 5 optometrists, 19 sites of service, including 2 Ambulatory Surgery Centers.  They currently have just over 300 FTEs. 

There are already active discussions with other groups to join Comprehensive EyeCare Partners in Nevada and surrounding states.  While it becomes difficult to be specific when speculating, as someone considers/visualizes this opportunity, it is feasible that the company double in size within the first 12-18 months and continue this type of growth rate into the future.   



With a vision to build Comprehensive EyeCare Partners into a leading national physician practice

management company, key physicians who knew Bill Moore recruited him to lead this venture as

their CEO.  This was a great choice not only from a competency perspective, but from a human

resources one; setting the tone for the culture of the organization.  I have personally known Bill

for 15+ years now and can attest both to his successful track record as well as his recognition of the

value of people’s importance in that success.    

Prior to Comprehensive EyeCare Partners, Bill has accumulated 31 years of healthcare executive

leadership experience.  Initially in the hospital sector as CEO, he’s spent the last 15 years leading

physician organizations.  I first met Bill while conducting the search for an Executive Director of a

large, 21 physicians, 7 site oncology group in Las Vegas (a US Oncology affiliate practice).  This was a

situation where practices were merging together with a significant number of challenges in physician

dynamics and operations.  Bill’s strengths of physician relations and problem solving were the perfect fit for the opportunity.  Because of his success, US Oncology promoted Bill to Regional Vice President.  After this, as CEO, Bill lead Desert Radiology through significant growth into multiple states, now 60+ physicians.  Along with this he developed a separate MSO and tele-radiology company. 

As Vice President of Human Resources, you’ll find a very HR supportive CEO.  You will have the autonomy and expectation to be able to independently lead the human resource function of the organization.  You’ll have a CEO who fosters a culture you’ll find to be a selling point when it comes to being able to both recruit and retain top talent, along with your own positive experience here.


The Role:

Overall, this person will lead the initial and ongoing development of the corporate human

resources function.   Initially, this will be working with the current three operations to

create a single identity with congruency between practices.   


There are three primary categories most things for this role can be put into:

  • Leading the structure and mechanics of the human resources organization

  • Leading the human resources component of the merger/acquisition and amalgamation of new practices into the organization

  • Working with other members of the executive leadership team, as well as the board of directors to define, develop, and disseminate the culture of the organization.  


While not all inclusive, this includes:

  • Establishment/management of a single benefit program

  • Development of congruent compensation program

  • Establishing congruent policies/procedures and handbooks

  • Developing transition/onboarding procedures for a new practice 

  • Ongoing education

  • Creation of a unified identity and culture organizationally 

  • Proactive human capital planning, development, and management


While there is some human resources support currently at the practice level, it is understood this person will grow and develop a corporate based human resources team.  It is also likely this person will oversee ongoing physician recruitment.


Ideal Background:

This person needs to have effectively lead a fully functioning human resources

function; understanding regulatory guidelines, compensation programs, benefit

selection/administration, and human capital management.    


  • Embodies a positive and dynamic value-people personality and mindset

  • Has worked in multi-site and/or multi-state, distributed provider based settings

  • Has facilitated human resources through merger/acquisition/amalgamation process. 

    • Mechanical process of transitioning new people to a singular benefit plan, policies and procedures

    •  Process model of active listening, open communication, to help diffuse any anxiety there may be during this type of change. 

  • Demonstrated ability to strategically lead human resources with the effective use of appropriate metrics and analytics

  • Demonstrated ability to frame, communicate, and foster positive organizational culture

  • Ability to be a meaningful strategic contributor of the executive leadership team.


The Community:

There are many facets to this incredible city. There is something for everyone in Las Vegas. 

Outside of “The Strip”, (actually an ever shrinking proportionate part of Las Vegas), one would

find a much more “typical” city, but one that is thriving economically, growing in population

and services with an equally growing infrastructure to support such. 

The Las Vegas metropolitan area has over 2,000,000 people and Las Vegas has continued to

rank first nationally in employment growth since 1995.

Away from the man-made excitement is a world of natural beauty.  The Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, and the High Sierra mountains are all part of the recreational opportunities of the area.

The following links have a wealth of community information:



Feel free to openly share this information.  If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-519-2514 phone

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