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Regional Director of Operations

Phoenix, Arizona


The Rottman Group has been retained by Platinum Dermatology to find a Regional Director of Operations.  This is a newly created role to lead a set of diverse dermatology practice operations in the Phoenix market, while at the same time, being a part of a well lead, larger developing organization.


The Organization:

Platinum Dermatology Partners



Corporately based in Dallas, Platinum Dermatology was formed in 2016 with the backing of Sterling Partners,

a private equity firm with strong healthcare services experience.  They started development in Texas where

they currently have 65 providers.  In 2018 they expanded their operations to Arizona.  They are well led by Greg

DeAtkine, CEO, who is very highly regarded and has an extensive and well accomplished background in

leading physician organizations.  (

In February of 2018, Center for Dermatology & Plastic Surgery ( joined Platinum Dermatology. 

They currently have 24 providers in 8 locations.  Through the course of 2018, Van Dyke Aesthetics (, Camelback Dermatology & Skin Surgery (, and Skin Science ( were added.  This has brought the total current number of providers to 32 in 11 locations in the Phoenix region.  The set of practices combined generate approximately $32M in revenue, $7M EBITDA.  There are approximately 175 FTEs in the Arizona region.  With other recruitment and development, the Arizona region is anticipated to have 40-50 providers by the end of 2019. 


The Role:


Based in Phoenix as the Regional Director of Operations, this person will lead the integration and ongoing operational leadership of the Arizona practices. This person will report to the Chief Operating Officer. 

These practices each have their own developmental history, dynamics, and mix of services they provide.   On the surface, each practice retains its brand and identity.   This person will be charged with bringing both synergy and an amount of congruency to the set of practices.  During the course of 2019, the emphasis will be on integration of practice operations and relationship development.  Platinum Dermatology utilizes NextGen as a practice management system (one of the sites already utilizes it).  There is also currently a CBO in Arizona at the largest group.  Bringing all the practices into the CBO is another key initiative as well as all being on the NextGen platform.  There will also be opportunities to continue to grow and develop service offerings. 

This is a company that has been developing very quickly.   As such, there is not a lot of rigid structure in place.  While there will be an understood desire to grow the revenue and profitability of the region, this person will participate in the development of the KPIs and metrics for the operation.

Along with direct leadership of the Arizona practices, this role is also a conduit for the set of support resources that Platinum Dermatology provides:  human resources, marketing, contracting, finance/accounting, etc.     

Ideal Person:

This needs to be someone who has effectively managed a multi-site physician practice operation.  This person must be a highly emotionally intelligent leader; someone who is able to work with diverse personalities, operations, and while trying to bring congruency, is able to balance appreciation of the unique individuality and history of each different practice. 



This person will have a very competitive base salary, as well as a 20% bonus opportunity. All other health and retirement benefits that one would expect to find in a company of this size.  There is also paid relocation assistance if necessary.




Feel free to openly share this information.  If this is something you are open to exploring, please contact:


Alex Rottman

Vice President

The Rottman Group, Inc.

501-228-4433 office

501-317-1782 cell

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