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Chief Financial Officer

Bradley County Medical Center

Warren, Arkansas


The Rottman Group, Inc. has been retained to find a Chief Financial Officer for the Bradley County Medical Center in Warren, Arkansas.  This is a successful community hospital that has great leadership, a positive

culture, is financially secure, and continues to look for ways to develop and serve its

community.  If you have a strong service orientation, enjoy leading with and developing

people in a supportive environment, this is an opportunity you should explore and possibly



The Organization:

The Bradley County Medical Center (BCMC) is designated as a critical access facility with 25

acute and 8 gero-psych beds, along with a strong home health program.  Community owned,

the organization is governed by an 8-member board of directors.  They have worked together

for some time and are cohesive, collaborative, and very supportive.  

Though BCMC has been a stable, successful organization, it has a lot of developmental opportunity and supportive resources.  There are many critical access designated and rural hospitals facing financial challenges that keep them from being able to keep up with new equipment and facilities.  This is not the case at BCMC. Several years ago, the residents of Bradley County approved a local sales tax to be used for facility development, capital equipment, and physician recruitment.  This has continued to infuse between $1-$2M annually into this fund.   This is a community committed to the ongoing success of BCMC.  The facility is profitable and financially secure.  As a result, the hospital has no debt. 

The hospital’s growth has been trending well.    Since Steve Henson, CEO, started 3 years ago, the average daily census (acute care) has risen from 8.8 to 12.75 for the last fiscal year.  In this time, they have started a hospitalist program, built a $2M medical office building, and expanded the physician staff; both in full-time primary care as well as specialists care.  

The Role:


Reporting to the CEO, Steve Henson, the CFO will have oversight of all financial and accounting operations.   Steve is a very collaborative and interactive leader who strongly advocates a service driven culture and practice.  You’ll find him to be a team builder, open to new ideas, and someone who is typically thinking several steps ahead in regard to organizational development and new opportunities.  He is very much strategic and methodical vs. reactionary.  

This person will be responsible for accounting (2 accountants), revenue cycle (13 FTEs),

materials management (1.5 FTEs), and IT (2 FTEs). These could change/grow depending

on the person and their experience and growth on an ongoing basis.  This is a fluid

environment that will allow people to continue to grow and develop professionally.

Aside from being very technically competent, the ideal person for this role must

embody and reflect a service mindset and share a commitment to quality patient care.  

This person must be able to work as a collaborative team member themselves as well

as lead with that mindset within the organization.  

Because of their reimbursement dynamics, it is preferable that someone have experience working in a critical access hospital or at least be well versed in cost-based reimbursement.  They utilize CPSI as an EMR and Financial system.  This is not required, but experience with this would be preferred as well.



Warren is a southern Arkansas community with a population of approximately 6,500.  It is approximately 45 miles south of Pine Bluff and equally distant northeast of El Dorado, AR.  Warren is well known for the Bradley County Pink Tomato Festival.  Monticello, approximately 20 miles from Warren is the home to the University of Arkansas-Monticello.  

Quality of life, family living, and community, Warren offers all of these with a lower cost of living. 

Moro Bay State Park is just 30 miles from Warren on the Ouachita River.

The timber industry and agriculture are the two main industries in the area.   There is an abundance of wildlife and fishing opportunities as well.  

For the kid in all of us, there is the Arkansas Motorsports Park, a kart racing facility open to the public for racing and used for corporate outings:


Other community and area information can be seen at these links:,_Arkansas




Feel free to openly share this information. If this is something you are open to exploring, contact:


Don Rottman


The Rottman Group, Inc.


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